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About Avi Does the Holyland

Avi Does the Holy Land is a satirical web series that blurs the boundaries between documentary and narrative. The series centers around the exploits of Avi, a fictional blogger who moves to Israel and starts her own vlog. She attempts to tackle Israel’s holy cows and most taboo subjects at a time when Israeli discourse is at its most divisive and extreme. Launched in spring 2016, the series has received hundreds of thousands of views across social media channels, and has garnered a grassroots following of both fans and hate-watchers from around the world.

The Team

Aviva Zimmerman - Creator/Producer/Avi (Canada/Israel)

Originally from Calgary, Canada, Aviva trained as an actor and produced several political theatre projects across Canada. Since moving to Tel Aviv in 2011, Aviva has produced a number of documentary and fiction film and theatre projects in collaboration with numerous Israeli and Palestinian artists in Israel and the West Bank. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Film at Tel Aviv University.

Danielle Angel - Creator/Producer/Editor (Turkey/Israel)

Born in Israel and raised in Istanbul, Danielle is an editor, producer, director, interactive media storyteller and curator. She is a graduate of the Global Media Studies at Brandeis University and has an MA in Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Film at Tel Aviv University.

Shoshana Eilon - Distribution Strategist/Writer (London/Israel)

Born in London, Shoshana studied Film and Literature at University of Warwick. She spent two years at Dogwoof handling festivals, before moving to Tel Aviv for an MA at Tel Aviv University. She currently works in educational distribution for documentaries.

Tracy Levy - Producer/Cinematographer/Editor (Texas/Israel)

Originally from Houston, Texas Tracy Levy is a freelance photographer, videographer, and documentary filmmaker. She also works as a multimedia producer for Noble Energy, producing and shooting video and photo projects for internal training purposes. Her first feature-length documentary film is currently in development. To see more of her work, visit

Arielle Tayar - Interactive Media and Art Director (New Jersey/Israel)

Arielle is an independent producer, director, and designer, dividing her time between Brooklyn and Tel Aviv. Besides producing diverse interactive media projects, Arielle is working to finish her first documentary feature You Are Not Alone and her MFA at Tel Aviv University.

Nadan Pines - Producer/Cinematographer/Editor (Tel Aviv/Israel)

Writer-director-animator currently living in Tel-aviv, Israel. Makes documentaries, commercials and lately also short fiction which is slowly growing longer. Educated in Jerusalem, San Francisco, Tel-Aviv and Taipei. Creates in Hebrew, English, French and Chinese.

Additional Team Members

Adam Weingrod - Director/Editor  (Jerusalem)

Adam is a Jerusalem native, a musician, and a filmmaker. Adam has a B.A. in music and experience performing around the world as well as an M.F.A. in film from Tel Aviv University. He produced his first feature documentary in 2016 “The Island.” In the following year it premiered at the DocAviv Film Festival in 2017. Currently, Adam is working on a documentary film that tells the childhood story of his grandmother who fled Nazi Germany to the Philippine Islands.

Yuval Orr - Producer/Writer (New Jersey/Israel)

Yuval Orr is an American-Israeli filmmaker and writer. His latest film, Down the Deep, Dark Web explores the hidden side of the Internet. He speaks fluent English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Hila Mann - Outreach and Social Media Manager (California/Israel)

Hila is a California native and a temporary Jerusalem transplant (for the foreseeable future). In the middle of her formal academic education, she is taking a break to learn via experience. Hila is currently working as an intern/activist with Achvat Amim, while learning Hebrew and working on building her portfolio as a freelance writer.

Isak Kohaly - Content Contributor (Italy/Israel)

Isak Kohaly is an Italian-Israeli filmmaker, writer, editor and producer. Since moving to Tel Aviv from his hometown of Padua, in Italy, Isak has graduated from Steve Tisch School and Film and Television and has directed and written both narrative and documentary short films, which have been screened at festivals worldwide and aired prime time on television. Isak is currently working on a new short film and an animated web series.

Production Associate – Roni Angel (Turkey/Israel)

Born in Israel and raised in Istanbul, Roni is a designer, dj, music blogger, and event planner. She graduated from IDC, and has a B.A. in Communications. Roni is the owner of the shirt brand/music blog IRONI.

Luca Seres - Videographer / Editor (Hungary/Israel)


Katie Pulverman - Production Associate (California/Israel)


Dana Pomoraniac - Editor (Israel)


Max Schindler - Press and Outreach (New Jersey/Israel)


Michael Nance - Outreach (US/Israel)

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